business insurance

King Price Commercial mixes business with pleasure

King Price Insurance, the relatively new kid on the short-term insurance block, has just announced the extension of its rapidly growing product range: Business insurance. This new offering will cater to the specific needs of South African business owners and entrepreneurs, providing them with the same affordable cover, royal service and peace of mind cover that thousands of private clients already enjoy with the royal insurer.

Despite being just under 4 years old, King Price has already enjoyed massive success, with over 95 000 clients on their book and more than 700 happy staff members comprising their unconventional ‘royal family’. The new business insurance division will be headed up by an industry icon, George Parrot, who has over 22 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and all the skills needed to carry the King Price culture and values into their business offering. This comprehensive, commercial product includes cover for fire, buildings, office contents, money, accidental damage and motor.   We will invite brokers shortly to start placing business with us.


“Our expansion into the business insurance space has been in the works for quite some time, and we’re thrilled to have been granted our license so that we can get start covering South African businesses as soon as possible”, says Gideon Galloway, CEO of King Price. “We are always looking at how we can further our quest towards making a positive difference in the industry, South Africa, and— in time— the world. Today its business insurance, but tomorrow it may very well be spaceships.”


King Price, is the only insurer in South Africa that decreases its clients’ car insurance premiums monthly, as the value of their cars depreciate. The King Price business offering is no different; while it will include a multitude of business insurance options typically available from other insurers, its Motor and Fleet insurance is what sets it apart from the rest. Customers can expect decreasing monthly premiums for their business cars. This will simplify the life of brokers and clients. I would personally suggest all my readers to check out the Fleet Wrap HQ and avail their excellent services to safeguard your car and make it look better.


All of King Price’s products are born out of a strong culture that believes the customer is king. Existing clients can add the king’s business insurance to their existing policies, and future clients can look forward to being covered by an insurer that creates, and tailors, innovative products according to their needs. And that’s on top of their renowned, royal service and super cheap premiums.


“Even though business insurance is seen as a ‘suit and tie’ area, we are here to prove that theory wrong. What consumers are interested in is a reliable product offering, at the cheapest possible price and a company that they can relate to, which is exactly what we offer. Innovation and versatility are the name of the game if one wants to set the pace in this industry. King Price business insurance could be seen as the next step in our plan for world domination… Or just an exciting new insurance offering that continues to put our clients first,” concludes Galloway.