third party liability

What does ‘third party liability’ mean?

Third party liability simply means responsibility. You might not think of yourself as the adventurous type, but the fact is that we all take risks every day, no matter whether we’re just making toast, driving to work or getting out of bed in the morning. There’s no telling when an accident can happen, or who, or how many people might be involved.

When we talk about ‘third parties’ when it comes to your car insurance, we don’t mean that Sunday afternoon braai that follows 2 other consecutive weekend get-togethers…. We’re talking about anyone who isn’t you (the insured), or us (your insurer), and who is affected by an accident involving your car….

Accidents do happen, and third party liability is there to ensure that you are not personally financially responsible for any damage you cause to someone else’s property, In all cases, we need to know as many details about the accident as possible; your role in it and the role of the third party who was affected during the accident.

I know that a car accident is a very traumatic event, and you’re probably going to be a little bit shaken…. So instead of trying to remember all the details you need to record on your own, I suggest printing out a copy of the king’s accident form and keeping it in your car, along with a pen. Having a simple form to fill out will help you focus in the minutes following an accident and it will make sure you don’t forget to record information that will be important when you want to claim.

As you probably know by now, King Price offers a couple of different kinds of car insurance for you to choose from, one of these being ‘3rd party liability only’.

Now, apart from this being one of the most affordable options, it’s important to remember that the person whose property is being covered is NOT you, only the third party involved and in circumstances  where you are liable for the damage

So whether you’re looking at comprehensive cover, or prefer to pay for third party liability only, remember that a little cover is still way better than none!

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