What’s covered by the king

We’ll give you super cheap car insurance that decreases every month... That’s super cool. But what about all your other stuff?

  • Car insurance
  • Say ‘yes’ to the ONLY insurer that DECREASES your premium monthly as your car loses value.
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  • Buildings insurance
  • Say ‘no’ to all the smoke and mirrors, and stop paying for what you don’t need and benefits you won’t use.
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  • Home contents insurance
  • With King Price, price is king! Put us to the test and get a quote for your home contents insurance now.
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  • Portable possessions insurance
  • Say ‘bye’ to crazy high premiums for your precious portable possessions… Start saving today.

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  • Trailer insurance
  • Contact the king to get hitched to the best deals on insurance for your trailer and caravan… And their contents.
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  • Caravan insurance
  • With our caravan insurance, you can enjoy hitting the road with your motor home, without hitting your pocket, if something bad happens.
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