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Community insurance

A 1-stop insurance solution for sectional title developments

We know that pro-active risk management is non-negotiable for you and your community scheme. So, we make it our mission to help you find and fix risks before disaster even strikes.

Our building inspection, maintenance and monitoring expertise works seamlessly with our specialised risk reporting and supply chain management… Reducing the risks your community faces.

And if things do go wrong with your buildings, our insurance will protect you from the financial impact.

Tech on your side

We've got tech on our side

We're able to pull all the findings together on Urbanise, which is a purpose-built platform for community schemes, and is used by your managing agent to manage and administer your scheme. Urbanise instantly connects all our services with every 1 in the value chain... That's you, managing agents, body corporates and trustees, owners and tenants, suppliers, and us. So, we're all on the same page, all the time, and there's greater transparency.

We make insuring your community scheme simple

We'll take care of all your insurance and maintenance needs and be your reliable risk management partner, as we deliver collaborative, innovative and flexible solutions that are backed up by an experienced management team and advanced systems and technology.