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King Price proudly offers cyber insurance for your business

In a nutshell

King Price cybersure covers your computer systems, software and data, and protects you against liability arising from cyberattacks on these assets. Cybersure includes cover for cyber liability and cybercrime, data breach expenses, damage to computer systems and data, the associated loss of income, and more.

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But not when it comes to the info that keeps you in business. Cybercrime is a reality and a risk that can't be ignored. In just a couple of clicks, you can be hacked, phished, scammed, and easily seduced into opening infected attachments. You could even be held to ransom… And your business could lose everything.

Cybercrime is no game

So you need a plan to ensure that your business is fully protected against cyber risks. And the king has developed just the plan for you: King Price cybersure. Let the king of insurance protect your business. Contact your broker or call 0860 21 00 00 and a loyal kingsman will contact you ASAP.

What's covered by the king

Data privacy

If your business' private data accidentally becomes not-so-private, we'll cover the costs for hiring legal and forensic IT pros to help you recover. We'll also cover what it'll cost you to keep everyone in the loop and provide support services like credit file monitoring and assistance with identity theft.

Damage and defence costs

Accidentally letting the wrong people see private data, or sending it to people who really shouldn't be seeing it, could be seen as breaching your staff and clients' rights to privacy... This could be expensive to defend in court.

Likewise, if your computer system accidentally forwards a virus or is involved in a hacking attack, the legal costs for damages could be devastating for your business.

Don't worry, cybersure has you covered.

Damage to your computer system and data

If your computer system is damaged in a cyberattack, you're covered. We'll even cover you for restoring and recreating your data. Good to know, right?


We know that your computer system pretty much runs your business… Well, the good news is, if a cyberattack brings your business to a halt, you're covered for preventing or reducing the disruption this could cause.

Financial loss and proving fraud

You're covered for financial losses resulting from fraudulent inputs into insured computer systems or changes to data that lead to dishonest money and credit transactions… Cybersure has you covered.

Cybersure also covers you for the cost of proving that these transactions happened without your consent.

Loss of business income

King Price cybersure ensures that your business income is protected after an insured cybercrime incident… So you won't be out of pocket.

Specialist support

Sometimes, cybercriminals will give you a chance to pay them not to do what they're threatening to do, before they do it… The word ‘ransom' comes to mind. If this ever happens (and it very well might) cybersure will cover the cost for a professional team to check if the threat is valid. We'll also help you pay a ransom demand if that's what needs to be done. We're nice like that.

Let the king of insurance protect your business. Contact your broker or call 0860 21 00 00 and a loyal kingsman will contact you ASAP.