Building insurance

You're the king (or queen) of your castle

Look, we know how valuable your kingdom is to you. So, if it's part of your property, we'll insure it… From geysers to gate motors to garages, from boreholes to tennis courts, from permanent structures to palisade fencing, from pools to patios, from pumps to pipes. And all the other physical things that could cost you a king's ransom to repair or replace.

We offer comprehensive building insurance, competitive premiums and royal service… All under 1 roof!

In a nutshell

With King Price buildings insurance, you're covered against insured perils for the physical structures on your property, such as your home and its outbuildings. We cover loss of, or damage to, your buildings, geysers and water pipes. We also cover accidental damage to fixed glass and sanitary ware, as well as water, gas, electricity and phone connections. And, if you need to call the fire brigade, we even cover that too!

Please note: The king doesn't cover dams and dam walls, loose gravel paths and coverings, and pool cleaning equipment. Also, if you have a thatch roof, thatch lapa or thatch anything, please tell us, okay? We'll cover it but only if we know about it!

Insure your buildings for what they're worth

A building's insured value, also known as the replacement value, should cover what it'll cost, at the time of the claim, to repair or rebuild your property from the foundations up. This amount should include the big things, like your boundary walls, solar panels and swimming pool, and all the small things like taps and door knobs. The insured value should also include the things you probably aren't thinking about right now but which you'll need to pay in the worst case scenario… Like demolition charges and waste removal, the cost of making the site safe, and the professional and municipal fees that are part of the building process.

It's better to over-insure than under-insure

We pay building insurance claims by subtracting your excess and any dual or under-insurance from your insured value. So, your replacement value should be realistic. If in doubt, over-insure, or call in a pro for a proper valuation… Because, if you're under-insured, we'll only pay a pro-rata amount. And we don't want that to happen!

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