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The only insurance in the world that decreases monthly

Fact: Your car starts to lose value the moment you drive it off the dealership floor. And it doesn't stop. So why keeping paying the same every month to cover a car that's worth less every month?

Feeling ripped off? We hear you!

In a nutshell

King Price is the only insurer that offers insurance that decreases monthly in line with the depreciating value of your car! You read that right... When you have comprehensive car cover with the king of price, your premium decreases monthly.

And that's not all

When you insure 2+ cars with us, we discount your car premiums which still decrease monthly! And... You can also insure some of your favourite things for just R1 every month!. And yet more... You can also choose the excess that best suits your budget! This works a bit like a seesaw... If you choose a lower excess then your monthly premium will increase, but choosing a higher excess will reduce your monthly premium.

Just to be clear, by 'car', we mean any car or LDV that's registered in South Africa. We don't cover taxis, or cars that are used for emergency services (like traffic control and armed response), law enforcement or towing.

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The king's car insurance options

Your choice, our pleasure

You may choose to insure your car, for any 1 of the following options:

5 star comprehensive cover

King Price gives you the royal treatment with a 5 star, full-package deal that covers your wheels in almost any situation.

Our comprehensive insurance option gives you cover for damage caused due to an accident, theft or hi-jacking, as well as any damage that you might accidently cause to other people and their property.

And, even better news is that it starts off super cheap, and just gets cheaper and cheaper each month. Yup, the king automatically decreases your comprehensive premium each month as the value of your car or motorbike goes down. It's the way car insurance should be done, don't you think?

4 star third party, fire and theft cover

Less is more, but why pay more for less? Here King Price will cover you for theft and hi-jacking, as well as liability for injury caused to other people, and/or damage to their property, should you be involved in an accident. The only thing not covered under this cover option is accidental damage to your own car or motorbike. Other than that, the king has you covered.

3 star third party only cover

If pure and simple is what you're looking for, this is it. This option offers third party insurance that covers you for liability for injury to others, or damage to their property, should you ever be involved in an accident. Remember, some insurance cover is better than none.

Get the car insurance that suits you best, right now.

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