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Car Insurance Quotes

Credit shortfall

Complete peace of mind when your car is financed

Being faced with an additional financial burden after a traumatic incident, like after an accident in which your car is written off, or after your car being stolen, could be very difficult to deal with. Well, good thing the king is here to make sure this doesn't happen!

For just a little extra each month, we'll add credit shortfall cover to your comprehensive car insurance with us and, if you do unexpectedly find yourself having to replace your car at least you won't still owe money on it! Talk about having your back.

In a nutshell

By paying just a little more, we'll give you a whole lot more! You can choose to add credit shortfall cover to your comprehensive car insurance with the king. This covers the difference between what your car is worth at the time of it being stolen or written off, and what you might still owe the bank.

Don't let the jargon stress you out

By 'credit shortfall' we mean the difference between the market value of your car and what you still owe the finance house, aka your bank.

Our comprehensive car insurance covers you for what your car is worth on the market. So, if your car is stolen or written off... And we really do hope this never happens... We pay out the market value. Depending on how long you've been paying off your car or what your financing arrangement was when you bought it, you might still then owe money to the bank. Why leave yourself open to this financial burden? King Price credit shortfall insurance will safeguard you against this gap.