Personal accident insurance

Accidents happen... So, we've got you and your family covered if an accident affects your health permanently

In a nutshell

The king’s personal accident cover pays out a lump sum if you, or members of your family, are permanently disabled after an accident and in the unfortunate event of your, or their, accident death. What’s more, how you spend this amount is completely up to you.

You choose a 'sum insured', which is the maximum amount we'll pay for any claim. For different types of claims, we pay out different percentages of this insured amount. Your KPPD contains a table that shows you exactly how much we'll pay.

Naturally, the sum insured that you choose, along with your risk profile, determines your premium for this cover.

Personal accident cover

Buy the best cover in town, when you join our royal family

You, your spouse and family members, are covered for death and permanent total disability that’s the result of an accident that happens anywhere in the world, provided that these family members:

  • Are financially dependent on you.
  • Normally live with you.
  • Are between 14 and 70 years old.

By 'accident' we mean an unexpected and unintentional event caused by violent, external and visible means, which results in injury leading to disability or death within 12 months of the event.

By 'permanent total disability' we mean a disability arising from an accident that entirely prevents you from being able to work, that’s likely to last for the rest of your life, and that's supported by medical evidence.

By 'temporary disability' we mean a disability that, according to medical evidence, isn't likely to last for the rest of your life, whether arising accidentally or not. We don't cover temporary disability.