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Tyre and Rim insurance

Tyre and rim insurance

Wheely good cover meets ultimate peace of mind

In a nutshell

Our tyre and rim insurance covers, well, your tyres and rims. We’ll repair your tyres if they’re repairable, and we’ll replace them if they aren’t. We’ll also fix your rims if we can. So, damage from rocks, broken glass, potholes, steel and other road hazards = no problem, when you’re with the king. (We’re nice like that.)

What's covered by the king


You’re covered for the repair of tyres that are damaged as the result of road hazards. If a tyre can’t be repaired we’ll pay for it to be replaced.

Rims: Road and mag wheels

You’re covered for the repair of rims that are damaged as the result of road hazards.

Please note: You’re not covered for the replacement of rims. If a rim can’t be repaired, our liability is limited to any resulting damage to the tyre.

What's NOT covered by the king

  • Accident, fire and theft.
  • Alterations and modifications.
  • Consequential loss.
  • Contractual liability.
  • Gradual causes (such as wear and tear, depreciation, mildew and fading).
  • Intentional acts.
  • Lack of maintenance.
  • Costs that can be recovered from any other insurance or warranty.
  • Amounts that exceed the reasonable replacement price of a damaged tyre.
  • Repatriation costs.
  • Sets and pairs.
  • If any portion of a tyre’s tread is below the limit stated in the National Road Traffic Act, No. 93 of 1996.
  • Damage due to unlicensed or drunk driving.
  • Cars used for business purposes or motor trade.

Our T’s and C’s


You must submit claims within 30 days of the incident. Once we’ve authorised your claim, you must have the damaged items repaired or replaced by a service provider of our choice. The service provider must retain any items that they replace.


To be eligible for cover you must reside permanently in SA.

End date

Your cover under this policy will end when:

  • You sell the insured car. (You can’t transfer this policy to your new car, and must take out a new policy.)
  • The insured car is written-off, or is stolen or hi-jacked and not recovered.
  • You tell us to end your cover.

Please note: When your cover ends it doesn’t have a cash value.


We may deal with salvage in any reasonable way. However, you may not abandon any property to us, or any other party, after an incident.

Waiting period

We won’t pay claims for any damage that happens before, or within 30 days of, the start date.

Annual limit for rim claims
Limit 2 tyre claims & 2 rim claims per year
  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Your monthly premium R39 R69 R99 R129
Excess per claim R250 R250 R250 R250
Limit per tyre claim R1,000 R2,000 R3,000 R5,000
Annual limit for tyre claims R2,000 R4,000 R6,000 R10,000
Limit per rim claim R400 R500 R600 R700
Annual limit for rim claims R800 R1,000 R1,200 R1,400
Overall annual limit R2,800 R5,000 R7,200 R11,400

The king's benefits

Emergency assist

The king has you covered. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you're part of our royal family, we've got your back! Whether your issue is medical, technical or domestic, you're in the king's safe hands.

Decreasing premiums

Why keep paying the same to insure your car when it's only ever worth less? It doesn't make sense to us, so we employed some seriously clever people to find a way of decreasing car insurance premiums every month. It's only fair!

Quick and easy claims

If you have an accident and you're covered by the king, call our emergency assist line ASAP if you're able to. We'll organise emergency medical help, arrange to have your car towed, and tell you what you need to do.

The king's cab

The cold 1s were flowing, but now it's time to get going? We'll get you (and your car) home safely. The king's cabbies are on call when you have comprehensive car cover with the king. It's a small extra cost... For big peace-of-mind.