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King Price now
insures 'everything'

Including personal lines insurance, business insurance and now even specialised community insurance...
Yip 'everything'!
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At King Price we know that cash is king, so we're here to save you more money each and every month.
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Fun, friendship and a royal family culture that you can't find anywhere else.
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King Price business insurance

Business insurance

The king covers all the stuff that you need to stay in business.
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Business insurance

Let us insure your business... It's kind of 'our thing'
Price is king

you're unique, and so is your business... Every day you face unique challenges, risks and threats. We get you.

Our business insurance team is ready and able to tailor cover for your unique needs. This team focuses all its energy on our business clients... And, it promises the same affordable cover, award-winning royal service and peace of mind that our personal clients love us for.

we've got your back, your business, and even your bakkie.

So, why fight risk when we can manage it together!

Sound good so far? It gets even better, because there's only 1 rule for King Price business insurance... Get your broker on board. To protect you, we only work through brokers who are qualified to advise you best on your business risks. If you don't have a broker, no problem, we'll hook you up with the best broker in town.

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We also insure community living

We offer a 1-of-a-kind risk management solution for community schemes, with a range of insurance and non-insurance products and services to help prevent incidents leading to losses, and to cover them if they do happen.

Our community insurance runs on specially-designed software that was developed by Urbanise. This platform manages all sectional title requirements including the intricate legalities of communal ownership. It also integrates communication between unit owners, trustees, managing agents, suppliers and us.

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The king's benefits

Emergency assist

The king has you covered. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you're part of our royal family, we've got your back! Whether your issue is medical, technical or domestic, you're in the king's safe hands.

Decreasing premiums

Why keep paying the same to insure your car when it's only ever worth less? It doesn't make sense to us, so we employed some seriously clever people to find a way of decreasing car insurance premiums every month. It's only fair!

Quick and easy claims

If you have an accident and you're covered by the king, call our emergency assist line ASAP if you're able to. We'll organise emergency medical help, arrange to have your car towed, and tell you what you need to do.

The king's cab

The cold 1s were flowing, but now it's time to get going? We'll get you (and your car) home safely. The king's cabbies are on call when you have comprehensive car cover with the king. It's a small extra cost... For big peace-of-mind.

Our happy clients

What our clients say about our super cheap insurance and our award-winning royal service

Nomkhosi Mabuza is a real pleasure to deal with. These days no service provider really goes the extra mile anymore but Nomkhosi is a true Gem to King Price. I would recommend her to everyone that want to take out short term insurance without the hassle :) :) :) :)


I have also dealt with Anieka Lekay before. What a breeze. She's got real empathy with her clients and gives the best and friendliest service. King Price was my best move in 15 years of car insurance. Other companies over promise and under deliver. Not the king!!!


I just want to take the time to compliment Anieka Lekay, on her amazing customer service. I was the unfortunate victim of a motor vehicle break-in and had to submit a claim. The whole process was dealt with in a friendly and professional manner and I would recommend King Price to anybody.