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Portable possessions insurance

Wherever you are, we're there too

In a nutshell

This cover will repair or replace possessions, like clothing and cameras, tablets and travel luggage, and rings and sparkly things, if they're stolen or damaged while they're anywhere other than in your home. If your valuables are out on the town with you, or with someone who lives with you, and something bad happens to them. Don't worry! If you have insurance for your personal portable possessions with the king, you're covered, wherever you are in the world.

Specified vs. unspecified portable possessions

We know it's not polite to scratch around in other people's handbags, so we won't ask you to list everything that you carry around in yours. We'll cover these unspecified everyday items up to an amount that you choose.

But, we do need you to specify some of your actual handbags, and a few other special portable possessions, such as:

Laptop and Tablet insurance

Laptops and tablets

This includes notebooks, tablets and iPads, and portable microcomputers and hand-held pocket PCs… And your software.

Phone and Cellphone insurance


The 1 thing you never leave home without is your phone, so if it doesn’t come safely back home with you, we’ll replace it… Just as long as you’ve specified it as a portable possession.

Glasses insurance


We just can’t see you leaving home without your specs and sunnies… So, we’ll cover them in case of theft or damage while you’re out and about.

Handbag insurance


Some handbags are even more valuable than the sum of all their contents! Whether it’s your Hermès lust-have or the hold-all you took on honeymoon, we’ll cover them all.

Jewellery insurance


Your bracelets and brooches, rings and earrings, cufflinks and other things with karats… In fact, all your expensive jewels and watches… We’ll cover them when you’re wearing them.

Camera insurance


We’ll cover your camera and video equipment at an affordable premium, just as soon as you specify them.