Don’t just be sure, be cybersure

In a nutshell

‘Cybersure’ covers the assets that you need to perform in this digital age: Your computer systems, software and data. It also protects you against liability arising from the misuse of, and third party attacks on, these assets. When you’re covered by the king, your ‘Cybersure’ cover includes cyber liability and cybercrime, data breach expenses, damage to computer systems and data, extra costs, and loss of income, as a result of insured incidents.

Cybersure cover

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Cyber liability

You’re covered against damages and legal costs arising from a claim made against you, or your employees, directors or officers, as a result of failing to secure data or info. You (and the reputation of your company and products), are also covered if you unintentionally transmit a computer virus to a third party.

Data breach expenses

You’re covered against breaching your data privacy obligations. We also cover the crisis management-, legal- and support service costs involved.

Computer system damage, data, extra costs and business income

You’re covered against:

  • Investigating, reconfiguring and rectifying any damage to your computer system/the computer system of a service provider.
  • Extra costs to prevent/reduce the disruption to the functions carried out by your computer system during the indemnity period.
  • Your loss of business income.


You’re covered against:

  • Financial loss as a result of a fraudulent input, or the destruction/modification of data.
  • The cost of proving that transactions are fraudulent, and that contracts or agreements were entered into fraudulently.
  • The cost of contracting specialist support to prove that a threat is genuine and to help you to respond.
  • Your liability for paying your telephone service provider as a result of your computer system being hacked.

Extra costs

You’re covered for extra costs such as:

  • Accounting fees.
  • The cost of hiring professionals to advise you on how to avoid corruption.
  • Investigation costs.
  • Loss-prevention services.
  • Repairs and replacements.
  • Security audits.

Loss or damage to property due to or caused by

  • Claims brought against you by associated companies or insured parties.
  • Card fraud.
  • Circumstances which occurred before your policy started.
  • Confiscation by, or on the order of, any government-, public-, or police authority.
  • Improvements.
  • Deliberate defamation or disparagement.
  • External network failure.
  • Extortion or ransom.
  • Financial reporting.
  • Fines and penalties.
  • Indirect loss.
  • Intentional acts.
  • The breaking of legislation and regulations.
  • Normal upkeep.
  • Patent infringement.
  • Product liability and professional indemnity.
  • Telecommunications systems.
  • Trading risks.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Insolvency or bankruptcy.