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Refer a friend and save!

Let's make the circle bigger

In a nutshell

Everyone should get to experience the joy of decreasing premiums. Including your buddies. So fill in your (and their) deets below and you could save up to R500 on an upcoming premium! Ka-ching!

Your details

Your friend's details

You confirm that the person you've referred has given their permission to share their info with us, and for us to call them. We reserve the right to claim for any damage, harm or loss arising from this permission not having been granted.

Our super important T's & C's:

  • The friend who you've referred signs up and pays 1 full premium.
  • All your premiums are up to date.
  • Your policy is active.
  • The amount we'll pay for a successful referral is R500, unless your monthly premium is less than R500. In this case, we'll pay your premium amount.
  • 1 x successful referral = 1 x premium deduction.
  • We'll pay the referral amount 30 days after we receive 1 full premium from your friend.