Irrigation systems

When the rain’s away, the irrigation system comes out to play

In a nutshell

The king can cover your irrigation system, its wheels and centre pivots, and its power and water supply… Down to the last little bolt. And, we spoil you with choices. You can insure just the system, or its power and water supply. Or both. You can also choose your level of cover: From comprehensive cover that takes care of everything that could go wrong, to fire only or third party liability only. Your choice, our pleasure.

Irrigation systems cover

Buy the best cover in town, when you join our royal family

If you say yes to King Price’s agri insurance, you’ll be able to cover these under ‘Irrigation systems’:

  • Irrigation system/s.
  • Power and water supplies not forming part of the irrigation system/s.

We also offer 3 types of ‘Irrigation systems’ cover:

  • Comprehensive cover.
  • Fire only.
  • Third party liability only.

Comprehensive cover

You’re covered against the accidental loss or damage to, the irrigation system/s stated on your policy schedule.

Fire only

You’re covered against the loss or damage of, the whole or part of your irrigation system/s, that’s caused by fire, lighting or thunderbolt, explosion, earthquake, special perils and malicious damage.

Third party liability only

You’re covered against any accident caused by, through, or in connection with, any irrigation system on your policy schedule, which damages someone else’s property or causes death or bodily injury.

Loss or damage to property due to or caused by

  • Detention, confiscation, attachment, destruction or requisition by any lawfully-constituted authority or other judicial process.
  • A supplier, contractor or repairer.
  • Fraudulent activities and dishonesty.
  • Overheating, implosion, cracking, fracturing, weld failure, nipple leakage or other failure.
  • Altering, bleaching, cleaning, dyeing, manufacture, repair, restoring, servicing, renovating, testing or any other work thereon.
  • Fault or defective design, formula, specification, drawing, plan, materials, workmanship or professional advice, normal maintenance, gradual deterioration, depreciation, corrosion, rust, oxidation or other chemical action or reaction, frost, change in temperature, expansion or humidity, fermentation or germination, dampness, dryness, wet or dry rot, shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, contamination, pollution, change in colour, flavour, texture or finish, or its own wear and tear.
  • Termites, moths, insects, vermin, inherent vice, fumes, flaws, latent defects, fluctuations in atmospheric or climatic conditions or the action of light.
  • Chemicals, oils, liquids, fluids, gases or fumes, leaking or being discharged from their container.
  • Drought.
  • An insured irrigation system being used with your general knowledge and consent.
  • A shortage of fuel or water.
  • An authority withholding water, gas or electricity.
  • Consequential loss.
  • Deterioration in value.
  • Wear and tear, or mechanical, electronic or electrical break-downs, failures or breakages.
  • Heating or drying processes.
  • The death of, or bodily injury to, any person being carried in or on, or getting on to or off of, an insured irrigation system.
  • Incidents incurred outside South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

As well as loss, or damage to

  • Tyres (as a result of road punctures, cuts or bursts).
  • Anything which falls within the scope of any compulsory motor system insurance law.
  • Property that’s covered by a marine policy.
  • Credit shortfall.
  • Damage to tyres.
  • Fire extinguishing charges.
  • Wreckage removal.