Livestock & game

Moooove along, the king’s agri cover is in town

In a nutshell

From rhinos to rooibokkies, we’ve got your livestock and game covered. And, because we understand that your farm is different to every other farm, you can choose the cover you need… And not pay for the cover you don’t. This section’s got cover for every eventuality though. So, sit back, read it through, and decide what cover’s best for you.

Livestock and game cover

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Under this section, you can choose to cover

  • Capture.
  • Loading.
  • Transit.
  • Step-off.
  • Mortality: All risk.
  • Mortality: Limited.
  • Fire and lightning.
  • Auction.
  • Bomas: Game only.


  • Individual darting.
  • Mass and passive capture.


You’re covered while putting insured animals onto a vehicle or into a crate for transport. This cover ends when the animals step onto the vehicle or into the crate.


You’re covered for the time when, and place where, an insured animal disembarks for the first time from a vehicle that has transported it from 1 place to another, during an insured event.:

Mortality: All risk

You’re covered for the death of insured animals, due to:

  • Illness and disease.
  • Injury and accident.
  • Fire and lightning.
  • Predation and snake bite.
  • Obstructed or difficult labour (dystocia).
  • Theft and poaching.

This also covers you for vet costs.

Mortality: Limited

  • Death.
  • Theft and poaching.

Fire and lightning

You’re covered for the death of insured animals due to fire and lightning.


You’re covered for the loss of insured animals that you buy or sell on public auction, provided you’ve adhered to the terms and conditions stated in the auction catalogue or the auction quote that we supply.

Bomas: Game only

You’re covered for mortality, while the animals are being kept in a boma.

Loss or damage due to, or caused by:

  • A broken horn/tusk.
  • Disappearance, escape and theft.
  • Injury/death (which happens at any premises or location other than the premises stated on your policy schedule).
  • Natural causes.
  • Negligence.
  • Pre-existing disease, illness or injury.
  • Specific illness.
  • The theft of sheep, goats and pigs.
  • Economic euthanasia/intentional slaughter.

You’re also not covered for

  • Animals in their third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Animals that are younger than 3 months.
  • Game that’s younger than 6 months.

Pedigree animals: Excluding game

  • Calves and lambs.
  • Embryo/foetus.
  • Illnesses and disease.
  • Mortality: All risk (impotence and fertility).

Livestock: Excluding game

  • Attack by dogs and wild animals.
  • Freezing.

Pedigree animals: Excluding game

  • Blue tongue.
  • Gall sickness.
  • Heartwater fever.
  • Pulpy kidney: Enterotoxaemia.
  • Redwater fever.
  • Riot and strike.