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Car Insurance Quotes

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From tar to dirt roads… We’ve got you covered

In a nutshell

Whether your business vehicles are used by many employees or just 1, whether they’re used for long-distance trips or just quick trips to the co-op, and whether they’re made to be on the road or in your fields, you need to keep them moving forward. That’s why you need King Price motor insurance. We’ve got you covered for the loss of, or damage to, your vehicles due to accidents, fire, hail, or unlawful ‘borrowing’. You can choose to insure specific vehicles or your entire fleet, and we have great extra benefits, too.

The king’s agri insurance ‘Motor’ section lets you cover your vehicles in 1 of 2 ways:


You can specify and describe your vehicles under this policy.


This cover is intended for groups/fleets of vehicles.

We then also have 3 types of ‘Motor’ insurance available:

  • Comprehensive cover.
  • Third party, fire and theft only.
  • Third party only.

Comprehensive cover

Cover for the loss of, or damage to, an insured vehicle caused by an accident or fire, self-ignition, lightning or explosion, or by the theft or any attempted theft of the vehicle. We also cover medical expenses and liability to others under this section.

Third party, fire and theft only

Cover for loss or damage, caused solely by fire, self-ignition, lightning, or explosion, or by the theft or any attempted theft of your vehicle. Liability to others is also covered under this section but you don’t have cover for any medical expenses here.

Third party only

Cover as provided for under ‘liability to others’ only. You don’t have cover for any loss or damage to the vehicle itself, or cover for any medical expenses.

You’re also covered for/against:

  • Loss or damage.
  • Liability to others.
  • Reasonable storage and towing costs.
  • Medical expenses (check your policy doc for a full list).
  • Cross liabilities.
  • Tyre damage.
  • Fire extinguishing charges.

Loss or damage to property due to or caused by

  • Consequential loss.
  • Depreciation in value.
  • Wear and tear, or mechanical, electronic or electrical breakdowns, failures or breakages.
  • An incident which falls within the scope of any compulsory motor vehicle insurance legislation.
  • The death of, or injury to, a person being carried in or on, entering, or getting onto or alighting from, a vehicle.
  • Liability which arises from the operation, demonstration or use, of any tool or plant forming part of a vehicle.
  • Feezing or mechanical breakdown.
  • Accidents which are caused by, through, or in connection with, the moving of any vehicle, granted that it’s done with the authority of your tenant, customer or visitor, in connection with your parking arrangements or to facilitate the carrying out of your business.
  • Incidents which occur within South Africa or Namibia, unless specific ‘Riot and strike’ cover has been obtained.
  • Any accident, injury, loss, damage or liability if an insured vehicle is being used with your knowledge and consent.
  • The detention or confiscation of money by any lawfully-constituted authority.
  • Stoppage, slowing down, or the interruption, of work or any process.
  • Contractual liability.
  • Any accident, injury, loss, damage or liability in respect of a caravan that’s being used as permanent residence.
  • You (or someone with your consent or knowledge) while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, driving the motor without being licensed (or with an endorsed licence), having an endorsed licence, or unlawfully leaving the scene of an accident.
  • War, acts of a foreign enemy, warlike operations, military uprising, usurped power, martial law, rebellion, terrorism or revolution.
  • The act of any lawful authority in any other way dealing with any occurrence referred to in any of the clauses above.

As well as loss, or damage to

  • Any tractor, combine, truck or mechanical horse that’s hired by you after your insured loss or damage.
  • Vehicles that are parked for reward.
  • Tyres (caused by braking, road punctures, cuts or bursts).
  • Springs/shock absorbers.
  • Bereavement expenses: Private-type vehicles and LDVs.
  • Car hire: Private-type vehicles and LDVs.
  • Contents of spraying equipment.
  • Combine grain tables and picker heads.
  • Contingent liability.
  • Credit shortfall.
  • Death of an employee as a result of a vehicle accident.
  • Electronic equipment used for precision farming: Tractors, combines and agricultural implements.
  • Emergency accommodation: Private-type vehicles and LDVs.
  • Loss of keys.
  • Loss of use of vehicle: Tractors and combines.
  • Loss of use of vehicle: Trucks and mechanical horses.
  • Parking facilities and movement of third party vehicles.
  • Passenger liability: Buses.
  • Passenger liability: Commercial hunting and/or game-viewing vehicles.
  • Passenger liability: Excluding commercial hunting and/or game-viewing activities.
  • Passenger liability: Employees.
  • Removal and protection: Private-type vehicles and LDVs.
  • Riot and strike.
  • Trauma: Private-type vehicles and LDVs.
  • Unauthorised passenger liability.
  • Unspecified agricultural implements.
  • Vehicle sharing.
  • Waiver of basic excess: Private-type vehicles, LDVs and panel vans.
  • Waiver of excess: Clients older than 55 years.
  • Waiver of excess: Spare wheel and tools.
  • Wreckage removal.