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R1 insurance for your Apple Watch

Link your comprehensive car cover to R1 insurance for your Apple Watch

In a nutshell

If you’ve already got the king’s comprehensive cover for your car, you can choose to also insure your Apple Watch for just R1 monthly.

It’s time to insure some stuff… Super cheap

Your Apple Watch tracks your physical activity. But, if you’re not good at keeping track of your Apple Watch, you can insure it for just R1 every month… With the king of price. We only ask that you comprehensively insure your car with us first.

If you insure more than 1 car with King Price, you can also insure your bicycle, golf clubs or hearing aid for this crazy price... 2 cars = 2 × R1 insurance items; 3 cars = 3 × R1 insurance items; and so on. Get it? Good!

So, go get active! And if your Apple Watch for some reason doesn’t stay on your wrist, breathe easy… It’s in the king’s safe hands.

Watch this

The super clever guys and girls here in our kingdom who work with numbers figured out that most people insuring a watch worth between R6,000 and R10,000 could expect to pay around R74 monthly, depending on their risk profile. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the watch in question is an Apple, that’s R73 more than necessary, every month. Put that into perspective: That’s nearly R900 every year that you could use for a new pair of trainers… Or add to your island holiday fund… Or splurge on whatever, just because you can. You’re welcome.

How does R1 insurance work?

Well, we’ll pay out 1 claim for your Apple Watch if it gets lost or stolen and after that we’ll continue to cover the replacement watch, but at a premium that’s linked to your insurance risk profile.

Also, your car premium will decrease every month but your Apple Watch premium, understandably, won't.

A maximum value of R23,000 can be selected for this offer.