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‘Pay per k’… Cool hey

With chilli car insurance, low monthly mileage = low, low premium

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In a nutshell

Not everyone drives the same distance every month, so why should everyone pay the same for their car insurance every month? With chilli, your monthly premium depends on your monthly mileage, as well as your individual risk profile. Essentially, you ‘pay per k’.

In fact, if your car’s valued under R500,000 and you drive less than 100km a month, you could pay as little as R299 monthly for chilli! Cool hey?

What you’ll pay

Your first monthly premium will be based on the mileage you drive in an average month. (Because we know you’re honest, and we’re nice like that.) The value of your car also plays a part. Going forward, your monthly premium will change depending on your previous month’s actual mileage, the excess you choose, and your individual risk profile. Please refer to your policy schedule to see how these factors affect your premium breakdown.

Keeping track of your mileage

It’s super important that we know your monthly mileage, and it’s super simple to let us know. You can:

  • Install an approved tracking system, which will automatically send your mileage to us.
  • Download our app and update your monthly mileage yourself, for free.

And the really cool thing about chilli is that you don’t have to remember to switch your cover on when you want to drive somewhere… You’re always insured.

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Fun fact alert

We also offer chilli insurance for collectable cars! To give your classic or high-value beaut the cover it deserves, click here:

Frequently asked questions about Chilli

We’re afraid not. With Chilli, your monthly premium depends on how much you drive and could change if you start driving more (or less). We know that not everyone drives the same distance every month, so we don’t think it’s fair that everyone pays the same for their car insurance every month. Especially when you don’t drive a lot. So, Chilli ‘drive less pay less’ cover means you’re already paying our cheapest possible price.

No, because your premium is already as low as we could possibly make it. The Chilli ‘drive less pay less’ model already offers you the cheapest car insurance we can come up with.

King Price R1 insurance is only available with comprehensive car insurance. So unfortunately, you can’t cover R1 items if you have Chilli car cover. But, because you’re paying our cheapest possible price for your car insurance, go ahead and let us quote on your portable possessions!

Definitely! Either, we’ll contact you if you take too long to load the mileage, or we’ll debit the premium for the most mileage. (So, it really is in your best interest to remember to update your mileage!)

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