Handbag insurance

Let the king carry your bag

In a nutshell

By 'handbag' we mean a purse, pouch, clutch or bag that either you, or any current member of your household carry around to hold your personal belongings and things you just can't do without. With the king's portable possessions insurance, your handbag will be covered for loss, damage or theft… Alongside the other precious personal belongings that you carry around with you on a regular basis.

The king of insurance in the bag

Not only is your handbag a fashion statement, it probably also holds half of your life, not to mention a whole lot of expensive treasures, from your phone and purse, to make-up and more! At King Price, we know just how important your bag is to you. And what's important to you, is important to us! So, let the king and his court cover it for you with our affordable, comprehensive portable possessions cover.

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