R1 insurance for your golf clubs

Link your comprehensive car cover to R1 insurance for your golf clubs

In a nutshell

Already got comprehensive car insurance with King Price, where price is king and premiums decrease monthly? Excellent… Now you can also insure your golf clubs for just R1 monthly.

Practice makes perfect

Gary Player famously said that the more he practices, the luckier he seems to get. Well, lucky you! With King Price, you can insure your golf clubs for just R1 every month when you also insure your car with us!

If you insure more than 1 car with King Price, you can also insure your bicycle and hearing aid for this crazy price... 2 cars = 2 × R1 insurance items; 3 cars = 3 × R1 insurance items; and so on. Get it? Good!

If your golf clubs disappear while you’re navigating the tricky nineteenth hole (or any other hazard, whether it’s on the course, on the road, or at your home) we’ll replace them… Which is almost as good as getting a hole-in-1, right? Speaking of which, if you have home contents insurance with us, we’ll insure you for a hole-in-1, which makes buying a round afterwards so much easier!

It’s in the bag

Serious golfers (and let’s be honest, is there any other kind?) are quite invested in their game... In terms of time, because regular play inevitably = lower handicap, right? In terms of reputation, because while lightning is an acceptable reason not to play, sub-zero temps and 80km/h winds aren’t. And, in terms of actual cash, because clubs can set you back a bit.

So, let’s do some maths: A set of golf clubs worth R30,000 could cost around R135 monthly to insure. Depending on a number of factors, it could be more or it could be less. But actually, it could be a lot less… R1 monthly, to be exact. And that R1,600-or-so that you could be saving every year could go a long way towards membership at a club with more challenging courses. Just saying.

How does R1 insurance work?

Well, we’ll pay out 1 claim for your golf clubs if they get lost or stolen and after that we’ll continue to cover the replacement clubs, but at a premium that’s linked to your insurance risk profile.

Also, your car premium will decrease every month but your golf club premium, understandably, won’t.

A maximum value of R30,000 can be selected for this offer.