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03Feb 2015

5 Lessons we can all learn from learner drivers

Car Insurance for Learner Licenses

There are some things in life, and on the road, which are great equalisers.

Whether you’re driving the convertible sports car of your dreams, or still stuck with your second-hand student-mobile, there are some issues that all drivers need to deal with. These include traffic, etolls and of course… the big red ‘L’ we’ve all stuck on our rear window.

While many, now-experienced drivers might have forgotten the nuances of perfect parallel parking, or a flawless 3-point turn, there are many lessons that we should all try to remember from our K53 days.

  1. Do regular pre-trip car inspections

We get up, we get dressed, we get to work…

It’s so easy to spend the first hour (even couple of hours) of our days on ‘autopilot’, that it’s also easy to forget that we need to keep a vigilant eye on the condition and state of our cars.

Check the tread on your tyres regularly, make sure that your mirrors are properly aligned, and that everything on your car is where it should be before you start your daily commute.

  1. Check your blind spots

Between the 5 point and 3 point checks every couple of seconds, many learner drivers can end up with a serious pain in the neck after a driving lesson. But remembering to check the traffic situation around you at all times is vital…. That way you’ll be able to react faster should something go wrong.

Remember as well, that your car has a blind spot that the mirrors don’t pick up, so do many trucks and busses…. But their blind spot is significantly larger than yours, so if you can’t see their side mirror, you should assume that they can’t see you either.

  1. Only use your hooter to prevent an accident

Not to let your buddy know that you’re waiting outside, not to tell off other drivers, and certainly not to jam along to your favourite tunes.

  1. Come to a complete stop at stop signs

I mean…. The sign is big and red, and it says ‘stop’…. It’s not exactly a suggestion. Take a couple of seconds at every stop street to make sure that it’s 100% safe to go before pulling off.

Do NOT use this time to check Facebook or to send an SMS.

  1. Watch your speed

In addition to staying alert about the traffic situation and other drivers around you, we would all do well to be a little more vigilant about our own driving skills (even if you think you’re the next Schumacher in the making).

Stick to the speed limits provided…. Not because you might get a ticket if you don’t, but because your car is much harder to control at higher speeds.

And now that you’re going to be a better, safer driver, why not get better, cheaper car insurance that decreases every month?

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