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Car Insurance Quotes


01Aug 2018
How we make sense, when others don’t
How we make sense, when others don’t

Not a day goes by without your car losing value, but your insurance premium stays the same month after month. That just isn’t right and it doesn’t make any sense. After all, insurers get all pernickety about all the details of your cover when it comes time to claim, so why aren’t they making a […]

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21May 2018
4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive without car insurance

4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive without car insurance Currently, a whopping 65% to 70% of the cars on our roads are uninsured, according to the Automobile Association of South Africa. This means that only around 35% of drivers are relying on their insurance providers to cover the costs of an accident or theft. To […]

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13Jun 2017
Father’s Day gift ideas
6 Father’s Day gifts that he’ll actually like

Dear old Daddykins… Once a year we come together and give our fathers and father-figures a little treat to remind them that they’re pretty amazing. Well, even though he has become a veritable pro at smiling warmly at the very prospect of receiving his 100th pair of socks, soap-on-a-rope, and coffee mug, it’s starting to […]

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30Nov 2016
Protect your home during the festive season

December has become synonymous with surf, family time, sunshine, summer fun… And crime. Unfortunately, our beautiful land is somewhat afflicted by an increase of burglaries and other serious crimes over the festive season. Coming home from your well-deserved time off can be a little sad. After all, it signifies the end of a memorable time. […]

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23Nov 2016
What’s in your cubby hole?

Way back when, drivers used to keep their hands at a comfy, cosy temperature by wearing gloves whenever they took to the open road. That’s because most early cars didn’t have a hard top so the fast-moving air would cool the drivers’ hands and make them numb.

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06Jul 2016
5 things that are super cheap when you join the king

Super Cheap Insurance From King Price There’s no doubt about it. Price is king. It determines where we shop for curtains, where we call home, how long we work for… And who we insure with. If it’s not the biggest deciding factor, it comes pretty darn close, right? You know it’s true and we completely […]

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