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Short term insurance

12Sep 2018
Shortfall Cover
Does shortfall cover make sense for you?

Let’s take a hot minute to talk about shortfall cover. It’s now a thing that you can get in the insurance world. We don’t just jump on any old band wagon when it comes to insurance products. We either pioneer out-of-this-world products with ridiculously amazing benefits that make perfect sense for our clients (like our […]

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21May 2018
4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive without car insurance

4 reasons why you shouldn’t drive without car insurance Currently, a whopping 65% to 70% of the cars on our roads are uninsured, according to the Automobile Association of South Africa. This means that only around 35% of drivers are relying on their insurance providers to cover the costs of an accident or theft. To […]

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11Apr 2018
remote jamming
The only tips you need to prevent remote jamming

You click and walk. That’s how it works when you use a remote to lock and alarm your car. Right? Wrong.

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07Sep 2017
How much could you pay for car insurance?

So how much could you pay for car insurance? Cars rank among our most valuable possessions, which is why it makes so much sense to ensure that your precious, 4-wheeled baby is covered for theft and damage. How much you’ll pay depends on a few different factors, like your personal circumstances, including where you park […]

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27Apr 2016
Why you should choose King Price

Although we have a lot of freedom in South Africa, thanks to the important people in our past who all fought so hard for it, the freedom that is often overlooked and taken for granted is our freedom of choice. Once upon a time, South Africans had very little freedom of choice when it came […]

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29Dec 2015
Keep up to date in 2016

The presents have been unwrapped and the new year is upon us…If you blink too quickly this next year might just be gonners! We all know that change is as good as a holiday… And more often than not the holidays bring about lots of change. For some, this means a change in work, for […]

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