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R1 insurance

07Oct 2019
Full gear vs fool’s gear

Safety-savvy and ready to gear up? Get comprehensive motorbike cover from King Price and insure your gear for just R1 extra a month!

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07Aug 2019
Life lessons that only cyclists know

There are quite a few parallels between riding a bike and life. Sounds iffy, but it’s true! Since we got in the business of insuring bicycles for just R1 (more on that later), we’ve taken a vested interest in cycling. For some, it’s a hobby that gets you out of the office and into the […]

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10Apr 2019
The insurance discount you need
The insurance discount you need

There’s lots of talk about how you can reduce your insurance premiums. Most of us already know that you can get your car insurance premium to come down a bit if you request a higher excess. Like, if your monthly premium is R850 and your excess is R3,500 then you can ask your insurer to […]

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12Feb 2019
It’s never too early to save for your Next December holiday

Wait, didn’t we just enjoy our December holidays? Yes, well… We all had such a great time that we just can’t wait for the next round of family fun and feasting. Wouldn’t you agree? Maybe you’ve already had a few thoughts about how you’d want to do things a bit better, like switching to a […]

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24Apr 2018
How to get R1 insurance

R1 insurance – Bet you didn’t think cover could be so cheap   Our goal is to make you smile when it comes to your cover. Understandably, car insurance isn’t the most joyful thing in life, but we think we’ve cracked it. First, we came up with decreasing premiums, which means that when you take […]

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13Jun 2017
Father’s Day gift ideas
6 Father’s Day gifts that he’ll actually like

Dear old Daddykins… Once a year we come together and give our fathers and father-figures a little treat to remind them that they’re pretty amazing. Well, even though he has become a veritable pro at smiling warmly at the very prospect of receiving his 100th pair of socks, soap-on-a-rope, and coffee mug, it’s starting to […]

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