5 ways cellphones have changed our lives

There’s no denying that cellphones have had a massive impact on the world. They’ve changed our lives forever and they’re something most people can’t live without nowadays.

Cellphones are much more than just a convenience. They’re our connection to loved ones, safety, and for a lot of people… Their livelihood.

Let’s take a deep dive (better hold onto your cellphone, though, it’s not waterproof yet!) into 5 ways cellphones have changed our lives for the better.

  1. WhatsApp

It’s the app we use for everything from doing business to organising a braai.

Remember how we used to have to phone someone’s landline in advance to check if they’re available for a braai? Now, a simple WhatsApp group message gets the wors sizzling in no time. The timeous task of setting a date, confirming attendees, and even deciding who brings the boerewors has been streamlined into a tap-and-swipe routine. How’s that for convenience?

  1. Business anywhere

Businesses have benefitted from the cellphone revolution. Mobile payment systems have made great strides in the South African market, empowering small businesses to transact seamlessly. From the bustling streets of Jozi to the dusty streets of Jozini, business is booming. Who knew in the 90s that the (then) simple cellphone would end up disrupting traditional banking systems and empowering entrepreneurs?

  1. Getting around is easy

With ride-hailing apps like Bolt and Uber, commuting has become a breeze. And let’s not even get started on Google Maps and Waze because, without them, some of us would still be going nowhere slowly.

  1. Staying in touch

With WiFi calling it’s so easy to chat to your loved ones for hours on end, almost anywhere in the world. Before apps like Facebook and Instagram, you used to have to wait for an email to share photos with your family and friends. Nowadays, you know what your cousin Sandra’s baby looked like the exact moment she was born all the way in Canada.

  1. Camera ready

A few years ago, we had no idea what a selfie was, and now some people can’t get through the day without taking 1. Yes, the cameras in our cellphones have made it easy to take photos of our loved ones and ourselves, but it’s also made it easier for news broadcasters to share news with the world. And with the power of a camera in your hand, everyone can be an instant journalist and share news.

From making payments to ordering food, tracking fitness to expanding businesses, cellphones have undoubtedly changed our lives for the better.

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5 ways cellphones have changed our lives
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5 ways cellphones have changed our lives
Cellphones have transformed our lives. From daily tasks to doing business and getting around, without cellphones, our lives would be less organised, more removed, and boring. Love them or hate them, we can’t live without them.
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