Insure business documents

Are my office documents insured?

Why would you choose to insure your documents? Just imagine this… What if you wanted to expand your factory and you hired an architect to draw up plans. The architect created 2 or 3 possible configurations of what your expansion could look like. It took some time and cost a fair amount of moolah, so your choice is important (no pressure). You’ve had the drawings in your office for 2 weeks and are ready to provide your final stamp of approval, but a colossal storm rips through your office and destroys the drawings. For some reason, the architect doesn’t have any copies and now you have to pay the architect to replace the drawings.

Just like your electronic equipment and furniture, documents are vulnerable to damage and theft, however unlikely this scenario appears. Now, because it could cost you an arm, some leg, and possibly also a bit of business, if something were to happen to these papers, it’s vital to consider insuring them.

Here’s how the king has your back.

How the king cares for your docs

In the insurance world, cover for your documents is sometimes referred to as ‘valuable papers and records insurance’. But we like the broader term, ‘documents’. It’s simpler and highlights that we cover way more types of records that could be considered critical to your business.

Documents insured by the king:

  • Mortgage bonds, title deeds, deeds, and mortgages.
  • Business books, powers of attorney, transfer deeds, tender documents, and agreements.
  • Certificates, wills, manuscripts, maps, plans, drawings, abstracts, and specifications.
  • Films, tapes, and addressograph plates, and computer programs and records (on paper, microfilm, magnetic tape or disc, and written and printed docs).

These items can be pretty complicated to replace, never mind what it would cost. That’s why we’ll cover the costs, charges, and expenses related to replacing or restoring your documents if they’ve suffered loss or damage in an incident that’s covered by the king, like fire or water.

Curious about how each of the other office contents insurance options work? You can check out the king’s advice on if these sections could be valuable to you and how your office contents, rent and alternative premises, legal liability, and the increased cost of working  could benefit from our comprehensive cover.

Worried that your valuable documents aren’t covered?

Never fear! Between our expert business insurance team and your broker, we’ll help you choose the right options to make up your office contents insurance policy so that you’re not left vulnerable to the ravages of life. The last thing we want is for you to be underinsured or take out the wrong kind of cover.

If you don’t have a broker, then don’t be discouraged. We’ll connect you with a broker who’s best for you and your business, and together we’ll help you insure your business.

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