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09Sep 2015

5 Ways to start saving for summer right now

If there are 2 questions that wear heavily on our minds at this time of year, it’s ‘how am I going to afford a fabulous summer vacation’, and ‘how am I going to fit into that bathing suit I bought at the end of last summer?’

And although you’ve left planning for both of these until the 11th hour, we can, at least, help you round up some extra cash to pay for a decent December break. Not sure what you’re going to do about that bathing suit though…

Without further ado, here are 5 things you can do right now to still dredge up some mad money for a wicked holiday:

  1. Stop eating out

Actually, this might even assist you with your whole bathing suit situation… We don’t just mean ‘stop going to fancy dinners’ (although do that too)… we mean stop eating out, entirely, for the weeks leading up to your vacation. That means everything. You and your bank account are going on a serious saving diet

No more lattes on the way to work, no canteen burger at lunch, not even a sneaky snack from the office vending machine. Make your own sarmies and keep a nosh bag of fruit, peanuts and other cheap snacks on you for when hunger strikes.

And don’t go shopping until you start legitimately running out of food.

  1. Walk

Again, this might actually help you tone your tush in time for Speedo season… Wherever possible, walk to your destination instead of driving. Especially the shops. If you have to carry all the items you just bought back yourself, you’re much more likely to put down an unnecessary (and heavy) impulse purchase.

  1. Freeze your luxury subscriptions

Okay, take a breath, sit down. This one’s going to be tough…. Freeze any payments off your account that aren’t strictly necessary…. your gym, your satellite TV, any magazines or games (including the online ones… don’t think you were going to sneak that by the ‘Savings Police’).

Run outside, read a book, have tea in the park with a friend. Use this time to rediscover and relish the simple things. And when you reinstate your subscription, you can finally catch up on the all the TV series your friends will no doubt have already spoiled for you.

These are the sacrifices we make.

And, we know we don’t have to tell you this, but just in case: This ABSOLUTELY does not include your insurance policies, whether they cover your car, your home, your phone or you life.  Cancelling an insurance policy to save money actually exposes you to a LOT more financial loss, so don’t expose yourself to risk just for a week in P.E. It’s not worth it.

  1. Turn that junk in your trunk into cash

No, you’re not going to have to learn to dance around a pole. Relax. We’re talking about having a car boot sale!

Surely you’ve got some clothes, knick knacks, old DVDs, appliances and… you, know, junk that you don’t need any more? Instead of cluttering up your garage, it could be helping you pay for plane tickets to Zanzibar*!

*Or at least to P.E.

  1. Check you’re not paying too much for insurance

Not all insurance companies are like King Price, who gives you super cheap premiums that decrease monthly. Some of them inflate their premiums to allow for ‘cash back bonuses’, so it’s worth getting a few quotes to make sure you’re paying the least amount possible for the same quality of cover.

It also makes sense to consolidate your policies wherever possible. Saving on your insurance can save you a neat little pile every month.