All you need to know about trailer & caravan insurance

When it comes to finding affordable insurance, a reliable service provider is all we really want. Affordability, loyalty perks and commendable client service is simply an added extra, the cherry on top of an already-delicious dessert. Once we’ve found ‘the one’ and signed the policy, we can rest assured that our asset is in good hands. We all know the drill when it comes to home and car insurance, but what about our trailers and caravans?

Worth its weight in gold on camping trips (and when you’re in the dog box for not helping Betty with the spring-cleaning), your caravan is as much an asset as your sturdy vehicle. If anything would happen to it, you’d be devastated – not only would you lose your mobile holiday home; you’d have to share the couch with Tjoklits the terrier. The same feelings of loss and grief would consume you if something were to happen to your trusty trailer, which has safely transported many a grill and heaps of camping equipment. To avoid losing your reliable accessories, it is important to know all that you can about how to insure your trailer and caravan. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and make a note of the following:

Insurance for your caravan

In an effort to protect your ‘home away from home’ from vandals, thieves and South Africa’s infamous troupe of rowdy monkeys (that can be found in every campsite across the land), it is important to ensure that you’ve signed an insurance policy. When you enquire about affordable insurance for your home-on-wheels, be sure to ask about the contents too! The last thing that you want is for your caravan to be stolen, along with all of your personal items that you’ve been hiding from Tjoklits – laptop and fancy tekkies included. The next time that you take a look at your car insurance policy, be sure to ask your service provider about ensuring your caravan – they’ll take a look at your current insurance record, the value of the caravan, and where you keep it, and offer up a competitive premium. Learn also what you need to know about renting your RV to earn passive income.

Insurance for your trailer

Did you know that if your trailer was stolen, along with the braai and beers that it was carrying, your insurance provider will assist you in replacing all three items? That is, of course, if you ticked off that you want your trailer’s contents insured too! While you’re busy enquiring about caravan insurance, be sure to do so for your trailer too – the more items that you insure with one provider, the more affordable your monthly premium will be! However, it is important to remember that you will need to list the contents of your trailer on your policy schedule separately, as they won’t be covered otherwise. You will need the chassis and registration number and the proof of ownership when you apply for insurance – also remember that the quality or roadworthiness of the trailer will affect the premium which you pay.

If you have yet to invest in insurance – for your car, home, caravan or trailer – be sure to contact King Price for a no-obligations quote.

Trust us, it will be better than having to share the couch or lose a fancy tekkie to Tjoklits!