The ultimate holiday checklist

Going on holiday is all about taking a break from the buzz and bustle of daily life. And when you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t be stressed about whether or not your house and belongings are safe. Here’s our nifty holiday checklist to ensure that, wherever you are, your possessions are protected so you can have a worry-free vacation…

The necessary precautions

In the unfortunate event of a break in, you’ll want to know that you did everything in your power to prevent it. For instance, ensure all your doors are locked, your windows are closed and your spare keys are stowed away. You could also let you neighbours know you’re off on holiday, and put your lights on a timer to give people the illusion that you’re home.

Car insurance

Vehicle break-ins are rife during holiday season. Common items stolen from cars include wallets, stereos, cell phones, laptops, and other electronics. Lock away these precious possessions and ensure that your insurance policy covers any damage incurred in during a crime, as well as lost parts or equipment.

Home insurance

Take an inventory before you leave. You could also write down the condition that your treasured items were in, as burglars tend to damage goods during their sprees. If anything is stolen, you can record it and bring it to the attention of your insurance company. This should speed up your claim and can have you reimbursed in as little as a two weeks or less. In addition to getting your possessions back, a smooth claims process with your insurance company also helps kick-start your emotional recovery.

Functioning alarm

Have you checked that your house alarm still works, or informed your security company that you’re leaving for a vacation? You should do both before you pack your bags as well as inform your neighbours so they can report any break-ins or suspicious activities. These guys can fill in a report that will back up your claim, ensuring that the reimbursement process is finalised without any hitches.

Turn off the stove

No, seriously. Turn it off. You don’t want to return home to a pile of ashes…. If you’re going on holiday soon and want to double check the details of your car or household insurance, talk to the king today. We care about your peace of mind and financial security….And we want you to have an awesomely relaxing vacation, like you deserve!