3 reasons why scratch and dent insurance makes sense

Why on earth would you need scratch and dent insurance if you’ve chosen comprehensive cover for your car? That’s the question on everyone’s lips when they hear about scratch and dent cover. The king pondered this long and hard before deciding to launch this product and now we’re here to tell you the 3 main reasons why it makes sense to get this cover.

Before we dig deep into the benefits of scratch and dent insurance, let’s just recap what it does. Basically, this policy will cover the cost of minor repairs to the exterior of your car… A good example would be the mysterious little dings that happen in shopping mall parking lots (those pillars are weirdly placed, let’s be honest) or the annoying flecks of tar that stick like superglue to your bonnet.

The king’s scratch and dent cover includes:

  • A massive range of things you can claim for, including chips, hail damage, damage to your mags and rims, minor dents, light scratches and tar removal.
  • An unlimited number of claims per year, up to R3,000 per claim.
  • A super low excess of R250 per claim.
  • A premium as low as R69 per month.

Reason 1: The excess is low
While we do give you the freedom to choose your own excess when it comes to comprehensive car insurance, there’s no negotiating whether you pay this amount if you claim. In actual fact, your excess is the first amount that you pay when you claim. It sort of helps get the process going.
Why are we bringing it up? Because, even if your excess is super low… It could be close to, if not more than, the cost of fixing something relatively minor, like a light scratch. And if you want to keep your car in its best condition, then this would bother you tremendously and end up costing quite a bit.
That’s where scratch and dent insurance comes in handy. You’ll only pay R250 per claim to keep your baby in pristine condition. You definitely wouldn’t want to pay an excess of, say, R2,500 (which is quite a decently priced excess amount) for every dent, and you wouldn’t want to pay it more than once a year.

Reason 2: The unlimited claims
You can claim all year-long for the little dings and chips that have a knack of running rampage over your car’s exterior. Literally, all year-long.
More than that, the claims process is quick and easy to check off your admin list. As a busy person, living a busy life, this is a huge tick in the win column. Oh, and don’t forget that the whole time you’re dealing with anyone from our kingdom, you’ll be treated like absolute royalty. So, you’re in for quite the experience.

Reason 3: Keeping an eye on the future
If you can keep your car looking its best and maintain an excellent overall condition, then you’re more likely to sell it for its maximum value. For instance, if you head to a dealership, they’ll assess your car and deduct the cost of fixing scratches, dings, and dents from the offer they make you. And they might not deduct the repairs based on cost-price. Which just means that they might deduct the repair costs that they would charge anyone walking into their service department… Not what they’d charge themselves, less the mark-up. This does differ between dealerships and is worth questioning if you ever happen to be in this position.

So, if you think that you might sell your car in the future, scratch and dent insurance will help you keep your car looking at its best so that you can get the most moolah out of the sale.
See? It just makes sense to get our royal touch in your life. Get a FREE quote here or call our royal sales team on 0860 50 50 50.